Monday, July 17, 2017


Each Rockette must preregister 5 girls between ages 3-12. If you know more than 5 girls and want to sign up more, PLEASE DO!! Registration sheets will be handed out during practice in July. Those sheets + money will be DUE THURSDAY, AUGUST 3RD @ Practice. *NO EXCEPTIONS*

Each Rockette must also hang up a flier/poster at the business of their choice (it can be the same business that you used for garage sale). This must be hung up by AUGUST 3RD as well.

3-5 year olds:
Sadie Walker
Makayla Bingham
Raquel Trujillo
Brandie Ball
Alexis Rodriguez
Julia White
Brooklyn Timbimboo
Alyson Jardine
Kayla Schaugaard
Haylee Jensen
Karlee Fifield

6-9 year olds:
Macie McFarland
Emma Jibson
Alicia Rodriguez
Liza Lushnikova
Sydney Satterthwaite
Rachel Buck
Janessa Daines
Savanna Smoot
Leah Larsen
Abby Firth

9-12 year olds:
Lexie Smoot
Janessa Barlow
Brittney Nelson
Amilia Kohl
Savannah Jones
Sarah Williams
Annalyse Erickson
Aubree Mathews
Alyson Illum
Kendal Hubbard

Items Needed:
Stickers (besides the 9-12 group)
Music + Player
Ice Water

**Together with your group, decide who is going to bring what on each day. Not bringing your assigned item will result in a demerit. Drill Leaders are in charge of bringing music and CD player EACH DAY for their group**

8th: Roll call @ 4:40 pm (5:00-7:30) In front of High School
      Wear Tuesday practice top, Bee leggings, black dances shoes. Left part, slicked STRAIGHT pony.

9th: Roll call @ 5:30 pm (6-7:30) in front of High School
      Wear Wednesday top, bee leggings, black dance shoes. same hair.

10th: PERFORMANCE- roll call 6:00 pm (starts at 6:30)
        Purple Practice top, name leggings (NO UNDERWEAR LINES), black dance shoes-
        Left part, slicked BUN. Performance make up- team will all wear same lipstick for halftimes.


Due this month:

$15 monthly fee
$60 remaining clothing balance
$25 choreography fee (for dance/character)

2nd, 3rd-  Character Choreo- NO ABSENCES!!!

3rd: 5 Future Rockette names/money/posters DUE!! - NO EXCEPTIONS.

8th: Future Rockettes
9th: Future Rockettes
10th: Future Rockettes Performance
*refer to future Rockette post for more info* 

24th: Dance Choreo, 7:00 am - 1:00 pm- NO ABSENCES!!!

**Make sure to get your physical done and turned in to Kim Peterson  BEFORE school starts!! You also must pay the Athletic Fee + Drug testing fee. Kim will not allow you to perform with the team until these are all done!

Starting August 29- morning practice 6-7 am in Big Gym- After school practice 3:15-5 pm at Nat

**Freshman are responsible for their own rides from high school to school in the mornings**
There is an activities bus that will take them to the Nat after school- I will get more info on that.

Hello Assembly should be on September 1st- I will let you know if it's different. 

Upcoming events:

September 8: Halftime
September 9: Peach Days Parade
September 15: Homecoming Halftime
September 23: Saturday practice 7-10 am
September 29: Halftime
October 6: Halftime
October 18: Halftime

Due in September: $15 monthly fee, $50 costume fee 

Friday, July 14, 2017



1. Rachel Buck
2. Macie McFarland
3. Sydney Palmer
4. Savanna Smoot
5. Brittney Nelson
6. Annalyse Erickson
7. Liza Lushnikova
8. Julia White
9. Kendal Hubbard
10. Leah Larsen
11. Kayla Schaugaard
12. Lexie Smoot
13. Alyson Jardine
14. Alicia Rodriguez
15. Raquel Trujillo
16. Sarah Williams
17. Haylee Jensen
18. Brooklyn Timbimboo
19. Savannah Jones
20. Alexis Rodriguez
21. Sydney Satterthwaite
22. Sadie Walker
23. Makayla Bingham
24. Brandie Ball
25. Janessa Daines
26. Janessa Barlow
27. Aubree Mathews
28. Amelia Kohl

You are all amazing and we love you all! Please don't be discouraged if you didn't make it. 💜

**Remember coaches will not take calls about audition results.**

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Mom's Meeting

The next Mom's meeting will be Wednesday, August 2, 7:00 pm at the Jardine's. Please tell your Moms so they can all try to make it :)


DUE this month: $15 monthly fee.

**If you are behind on monthly payments, please get those caught up!!

Practices this month are:

Tuesday 11th
Wednesday 12th
Thursday 13th
Friday 14th

These practices will be held at the Nat. We will be trying out our Dance and Military routines this week, as well as getting measured for costumes. Please try not to miss this week of practice.

We will be doing a fundraiser this week as well- it will be super easy- more details to come!

Make sure that you are practicing ALL your routines, ariels, and are still stretching daily during the breaks.

Upcoming events:
Future Rockettes: August 8, 9 and 10.
**Each Rockette will need to preregister 5 girls for this so start looking :) These will be due the first week of August.

**You must have your physical done and turned in to Kim Peterson, as well as pay the athletic and drug testing fee, BEFORE school starts. You will not be allowed to perform with the team until these are turned in and paid.**

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Final Camp Info

Congrats to

Lexie Smoot
Sadie Walker
Macie McFarlnd
Janessa Barlow
Leah Larsen

Your team has voted you 5 to represent them in Top Corp at camp!! You will all do awesome!

Practice on Wednesday June 14 will be at Mt View Elementary from 9-10 am. We will not be dancing- so you don't have to wear dance clothes. We will be going over camp formations quick and I'll be handing out all of your clothes and bags. We will also have a packing list for you. Don't forget to pack your two secret sister gifts.

Also make sure you have a clear strap bra, team nikes, and black dance shoes for camp.

This year at camp they will be collecting food items for the local food banks. If you wish to participate you can bring any of the following items. You will put the items in the main gym when you arrive at camp. They usually give a prize to the team that donates the most items! 

Peanut butter
Whole grain pasta
Tuna canned in water
Canned beans
Baby wipes
Olive Oil
Canned stews
Instant oatmeal
100% juice drinks

Remember roll call on the 15th is at 5:45 AM. You need to be completely ready when you get there. To camp you will be wearing your new team warm up jacket, team leggings, and nikes. Hair needs to be parted on the left side, in a low, STRAIGHT slicked ponytail. You can wear your makeup however you'd like- just nothing too dark or crazy. 

We will talk more about what you will be wearing during camp at practice on Wednesday :) 

** Team pictures on Tuesday will be at the Wilde's barn on your way to Honeyville. The address is 3075  Hwy 38.  It's a big white barn on the east side, on the mountain. We will be meeting there at 7:30 am SHARP. 

** Team candlelight party on Tuesday at 7:00 pm at Jardy's. Officers remember your assignments :) 

It's going to be a fun week!! 


Thursday, June 1, 2017


Due this month: $15 Monthly Fee
                        $50 Summer Fee

If you haven't paid the $287 for clothing/bags, that is now past due. I can not give you any of those items until they are paid in full.

June 6: Summer Practice begins. This week will be at the Jr High. Always bring a pair of tennis shoes with you to practice, as well as your dance shoes.

June 10: Garage Sale- Smiths Parking Lot 7am-Noon. Make sure your posters are up by tomorrow, June 2nd.

June 13: Team Pictures (in place of practice). Wear Purple & Black. You may wear patterns/bits of white. Stay on the dressier side :)

June 13: Team Candlelight Party- 7:00 pm at Jardy's

June 15- Leave for Camp: Roll call 5:45 am at the High School (See Dance Camp Post)
June 16-camp
June 17- camp

June 20 & 21: Practice in Big Gym
June 22 & 23: Practice @ Nat

June 26- WEEK OFF :)

** PLEASE make sure you are still stretching & practicing routines during Summer breaks. We will be learning a lot of material during the Summer. You are responsible for remembering it! We will be trying out our Dance Routine and Military Routine this Summer, just a heads up!

Coming up: Future Rockettes in August- each Rockette is required to sign up 5 girls (ages 3-12) so start looking :)