Tuesday, October 31, 2017


$15 monthly fee, $30 hotel fee (for Bountiful Comp)


After school practice locations are a little crazy from here on out- make sure you pay close attention to your calendar to know where they are at. All morning practices will still be in the Big Gym.

November 4: Saturday Practice, 7-10:30 am Big Gym- HALFTIME COSTUME TURN IN
November 8: All State (See All State Post) Practice will still be held for the rest of the team.
November 10: Daddy/Daughter Party- More info to come
November 18: Saturday Practice 7-9 am
November 22: Practice 7-10:30 am- BIG GYM
November 28: Basketball Halftime- roll call 6:45 pm- we will be performing Dance.
to school: Metallic shirt, Warm up Jacket, Bee leggings, Nikes

COMPETITIONS are just around the corner! PLEASE make sure to get your shoes and tights ordered. I put a link on the blog at the beginning of the year for both. SHOES/TIGHTS MUST NOT HAVE ANY HOLES OR RUNS FOR COMPETITIONS. Military & Character need the black tights and shoes. Dance will need the caramel tights and shoes.

It would also be smart to get a bra with CLEAR straps. That way you don't have to worry about pinning your straps.


December 1 & 2: Davis Valley Classic @ Davis High School
December 5: Moms Meeting- 7:30 pm at the Jardines
December 8: Basketball Halftime (Military) Roll call 6:45 pm
December 14: Rockette Christmas Party- details TBA
December 21: Basketball Halftime with Cheer
December 22-27: MORATORIUM- NO DRILL
December 28-30: Practice 7-10:30 am

Friday, October 27, 2017

All State

Congrats to Lexie Smoot, Sadie Walker, and Aubree Mathews for being chosen to represent your team at All State.

All State is November 8th at Bountiful High School. We will be leaving the High School at 3:30 pm.
4:30 check in, 5 pm Warm up, 5:30 Start

Practice will be as usual for the rest of the team :)

Hair must be slicked back- however you would like.
MUST wear all black. Can not have any writing on it.

All State team will be announced that night and will be recognized at STATE FINALS.

***Parents are not allowed to attend. Dancers and Coaches only***

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Basketball Halftimes

November 28
December 8
December 21- with cheer
January 26



Due this month:
$15 monthly due 

October 6th: Scarecrow Halftime 
Roll call 6:45 pm- completely ready 
To school: Metallic Rockette Shirt- any bottoms

October 7th: Practice 7-10:30- small gym
October 18: Thriller Halftime 
Roll call 6:45 pm- completely ready 
To school: Gray long sleeve, name leggings, nikes 

October 19-21 Fall Break- NO DRILL 
October 27 & 28- Hosa Haunted House- more details to come
October 28: Practice 7-10:30 if needed- big gym

Upcoming events:
November 8: All State
November 23-26: Thabksgiving Break- NO DRILL
November 28: Basketball Halftime 

Please remember our season begins Nov 1st and absences will not be allowed unless for events such as weddings, funerals, etc. and must be excused by a coach. 

Also remember tardies and demerits do not start over until 2nd trimester. If you reach 6- you WILL be pulled from a performance. 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Cow Dung

Cow Dung will take place on October 6th at 3:15 pm (in place of practice)  and will go until the cow poops. PACKETS AND MONEY ARE DUE OCTOBER 5th at after school practice. No exceptions. Demerits will be given for not completeling fundraisers.

Each ticket is $1. One ticket=one square on the grid. Make sure their name AND number are on your grid and EACH ticket.

Grand prize is $250. We will also put all your tickets together and pull out a winner for $50 gift card.  The winners will be announced at the football game that night, they do NOT have to be present to win.

You are responsible for selling all of your tickets. Each Rockette must sell 120, but remember that fundraisers are to help keep costs down for YOUR parents.
PLEASE PARENTS do not buy your childs tickets.

***I know they aren't the funnest to sell- BUT- if girls sell all tickets without having their parents buy them, they will not have to sell raffle tickets at the Invitational. ***

Let me know if you have any questions about Cow Dung :)

**Moms Meeting**

There will be a Mom's meeting on Tuesday, September 26 @ 7:00 pm at the Jardine Home. Please let your moms know!!

Competition Dates

Davis Valley Classic- December 1 & 2 @ Davis High School
Falcon Classic- January 5 & 6 @ Clearfield High School
Bountiful Invitational January 12-13 @ Bountiful High School *We will be sleeping over at this one*
Region- January 18 @ Bountiful High School
State- Feb 1 & 3