Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Cow Dung

Cow Dung will take place on October 6th at 3:15 pm (in place of practice)  and will go until the cow poops. PACKETS AND MONEY ARE DUE OCTOBER 5th at after school practice. No exceptions. Demerits will be given for not completeling fundraisers.

Each ticket is $1. One ticket=one square on the grid. Make sure their name AND number are on your grid and EACH ticket.

Grand prize is $250. We will also put all your tickets together and pull out a winner for $50 gift card.  The winners will be announced at the football game that night, they do NOT have to be present to win.

You are responsible for selling all of your tickets. Each Rockette must sell 120, but remember that fundraisers are to help keep costs down for YOUR parents.
PLEASE PARENTS do not buy your childs tickets.

***I know they aren't the funnest to sell- BUT- if girls sell all tickets without having their parents buy them, they will not have to sell raffle tickets at the Invitational. ***

Let me know if you have any questions about Cow Dung :)

**Moms Meeting**

There will be a Mom's meeting on Tuesday, September 26 @ 7:00 pm at the Jardine Home. Please let your moms know!!

Competition Dates

Davis Valley Classic- December 1 & 2 @ Davis High School
Falcon Classic- January 5 & 6 @ Clearfield High School
Bountiful Invitational January 12-13 @ Bountiful High School
Region- January 18 @ Bountiful High School **We will be sleeping over at this one**
State- Feb 1 & 3

Friday, August 25, 2017


Saturday, September 9, 2017- begins at 10 AM
Roll Call- 8:30 am @ NAPA Auto Parts (Enter from 500 south)

White Sparkly top with CLEAR STRAP BRA.
Black ankle socks
Black Nikes

Hair- left part, SLICKED low curly ponytail.

Performance Make Up- YES, that means eyelashes :) and Team Lipstick


$15 monthly dues
$50 Costume Fee

All morning practices are in the Big Gym from 6-7 am. Wednesdays mornings are until 8:00am.
After school practice will be at the Nat from 3:15-5:00 pm

September 1: Hello Assembly
**to school: TBA
September 6: Morgan coming for Dance- practice 3:15-6pm.
September 8: Halftime- Roll call 6:45 pm
**to school: Purple BEHS shirt, any pants, Nikes
September 9: Peach Days- See Peach Days Post
September 15: HOMECOMING Halftime- Roll call 6:30 pm
**to school: Dress up! Purple/black/white
September 23: Saturday Practice 7-10 am @ BIG GYM
September 29: Halftime- Roll call 6:45 pm
**to school: Gray tshirt, bee leggings, nikes
September 30: Satruday Practice 7-10 am **If needed**

**REMEMBER you are not allowed to miss practice the week of a performance, and you are not allowed an unexcused absence from school the day of a performance.**

Make sure to put your name in EVERY item so it does not get lost. PLEASE do not wear your Rockette clothing, except for on the designated days.


October 5: Cow dung packets DUE
October 6: Cowdung/Halftime
October 18: Thriller Halftime with Cheer


Friday, August 4, 2017

Future Rockette Assignments

Below is a list of what you are required to bring for your own group to Future Rockette practices. You only have to bring it on the day listed. Failure to do so will result in demerits.

3-5 Year Olds

Sadie- Music
Makayla- Treat
Raquel- Treat
Brandie- Cups
Julia- Ice Water

Sadie- Music
Brooke- Treat
Jardy- Treat
Kayla- Cups
Haylee- Stickers
Karlee- Ice Water

6-9 Year Olds

Macie- Music
Emma- Treat
Alicia- Treat
Liza- Cups
Syd S- Stickers
Rachel- Ice Water

Macie- Music
Janessa D- Treat
Sav S- Treat
Leah- Ice Water
Abby- Cups

9-12 Year Olds

Lexie- Music
Janessa B- Treat
Brittney- Treat
Amilia- Cups
Sav J- Ice Water

Lex- Music
Sarah- Treat
Annalyse- Treat
Aubree- Cups
Alyson- Ice Water
Kendal- Stickers (for the 6-9 year old group) 


Monday, July 17, 2017


Each Rockette must preregister 5 girls between ages 3-12. If you know more than 5 girls and want to sign up more, PLEASE DO!! Registration sheets will be handed out during practice in July. Those sheets + money will be DUE THURSDAY, AUGUST 3RD @ Practice. *NO EXCEPTIONS*

Each Rockette must also hang up a flier/poster at the business of their choice (it can be the same business that you used for garage sale). This must be hung up by AUGUST 3RD as well.

3-5 year olds:
Sadie Walker
Makayla Bingham
Raquel Trujillo
Brandie Ball
Alexis Rodriguez
Julia White
Brooklyn Timbimboo
Alyson Jardine
Kayla Schaugaard
Haylee Jensen
Karlee Fifield

6-9 year olds:
Macie McFarland
Emma Jibson
Alicia Rodriguez
Liza Lushnikova
Sydney Satterthwaite
Rachel Buck
Janessa Daines
Savanna Smoot
Leah Larsen
Abby Firth

9-12 year olds:
Lexie Smoot
Janessa Barlow
Brittney Nelson
Amilia Kohl
Savannah Jones
Sarah Williams
Annalyse Erickson
Aubree Mathews
Allison Illum
Kendal Hubbard

Items Needed:
Stickers (besides the 9-12 group)
Music + Player
Ice Water

**Together with your group, decide who is going to bring what on each day. Not bringing your assigned item will result in a demerit. Drill Leaders are in charge of bringing music and CD player EACH DAY for their group**

8th: Roll call @ 4:40 pm (5:00-7:30) In front of High School
      Wear Tuesday practice top, Bee leggings, black dances shoes. Left part, slicked STRAIGHT pony.

9th: Roll call @ 5:30 pm (6-7:30) in front of High School
      Wear Wednesday top, bee leggings, black dance shoes. same hair.

10th: PERFORMANCE- roll call 6:00 pm (starts at 6:30)
        Purple Practice top, name leggings (NO UNDERWEAR LINES), black dance shoes-
        Left part, slicked BUN. Performance make up- team will all wear same lipstick for halftimes.